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Tobacconomics Quarterly Update (May 2020)

Featured Research
Think Tank Partner Research:
This Report is written by Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (CIAD) in Mexico. The Report estimates the impact of raising the specific component tax on cigarettes in two scenarios using the LATINMOD simulation platform. Click here to read the Report. Click here and here to read the two Policy Briefs based on the Report. 
This Report was produced by the Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP) in MexicoThe Report discusses the results of CIEP’s extended cost-benefit analysis of increasing tobacco taxes and the distributional effects of raising tobacco taxes in Mexico. Click here to read the Report. Click here and here to read the two Policy Briefs based on the Report.  
This Report is authored by the  Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS) in Argentina. The Report discusses the findings of a cost-benefit analysis on tobacco taxes and price increases in Argentina and the effects it would have on income distribution as well as cigarette consumption. Click here to read the Report. Click here for the Policy Brief.
Produced by the Universidade Católica de Brasília (UCB) in Brazil, this Report discusses the distributive effects of tax and price increases in terms of the short-, medium- and long-term reduction in tobacco-related expenditures as a result of decreasing tobacco consumption and medical expenses for tobacco-related illness.  Click here to read the Report. Click here to read the Policy Brief. 
Tobacconomics Research:
This Report examines the emergence of new tobacco-based and nicotine products on the market and how governments have adapted existing tobacco control structures to address the issue.  Click here to read the Report. Click here to read the Policy Brief/Executive Summary based on the Report. 
Research World Tour
Earlier this year members of the team and think tank partners from Southeastern Europe (SEE) attended the 8th European Conference on Tobacco or Health held in Berlin, Germany in February. Frank Chaloupka and SEE think tank partners presented their research on the distributional, revenue, and public health impacts of tobacco tax increases in six SEE countries. Here are a few snapshots: 
Think Tank Partners and Presenters at ECToH
Berlin, Germany
Aida Gjika (DSA, Albania)
Berlin, Germany
Dragan Gligoric (UBL, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Berlin, Germany
Besnik Prekazi (Democracy +, Kosovo)
Berlin, Germany
Ana Mugosa (ISEA, Montenegro)
Berlin, Germany
Natasha Trajkova (Analytica, North Macedonia)
Berlin, Germany
Marko Vladisavljevic (IES, Serbia)
Berlin, Germany
Olivera Jovanovic (IES, Serbia)
Berlin, Germany
Researcher Spotlight:
Aida Gjika, PhD
Tobacconomics Researcher, Aida Gjika, Economist at Development Solutions Associates, Albania, received a Young Professionals Award at ECTOH “For her outstanding contribution to tobacco control and going beyond her immediate duties to contribute to building a tobacco-free Europe.” Congratulations, Aida!
About Us 

Based in the Health Policy Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), the Tobacconomics team conducts economic research to shape global tobacco control policies, and we also partner with economic policy think tanks in low- and middle-income countries to build the local evidence base for more effective tobacco tax systems. UIC is a partner of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use.