RESET Alcohol Initiative

RESET Alcohol provides technical assistance and financial resources to governments looking to advance alcohol policies and supports local civil society advocates and research institutions to promote these policies. RESET partners with governments to implement policies proven to reduce alcohol-related harms, including:

  • Smart pricing strategies that use taxes and other pricing policies to reduce access by kids and dissuade heavy drinking
  • Policies that regulate availability by limiting days or hours of sales or licensing restrictions
  • Restrictions on alcohol advertising, sponsorship, and promotion

Specifically in the area of tax policy development, RESET Alcohol will provide technical assistance to relevant government agencies to support and strengthen capacity for effective policy analysis, planning, and drafting, including on economic/tax policy.

The RESET Alcohol initiative is a collaboration between partners from Vital Strategies, World Health Organization and Pan-American Health Organization, Movendi International, the University of Illinois Chicago (USA) Institute for Health Research and Policy, The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance, and The NCD Alliance, with funding from a GiveWell grant to Vital Strategies.

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RESET Alcohol Initiative

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